Sailing Cruise On Your Own


You are already a sail boat seaman and dream about specific navigation, deserted coves, secluded anchorages, typical harbors with your family and your friends...

You are seeking for a good sail boat and a great spot to sail on...Nothing is better than a partner on the spot when investigating far from home…


With PASSION SAILING you have a guarantee of:

A very wide choice of sailing yachts from various shipyards that we, or our skippers have checked one by one since 30 years of practice.

Confidence because we propose a choice over various fleets.  With a professional, independent advice we work for your interest.

Price because we deal directly with the real ship-owners and managers and are very serious dealers for them.

Security because we are originally skippers still sailing several months a year we know how serious the job is. We also discuss about it with the base managers that maintain the yachts.





Prepare your cruise at least 6 months in advance with a real adviser on the spot PASSION SAILING

You are not familiar with the sailing area; take a cook/guide along , she knows the area and will give mom a break!